The Joy of the Unknown

Yesterday marked my last day at Uber. When I joined the company in summer 2013, there were only a handful of people at Uber in EMEA. I had no idea what to expect and I vividly remember how overwhelming it was with all the impressions, learnings and responsibilities Uber trusted me with.

Since my day one at Uber, we grew from 2 people to about 30 and from the first 10 partner-drivers to thousands of drivers in Switzerland. From 36 cities to 600+ worldwide. From 300 employees globally to about 18,000 (or even more?). These people are the reason why I learned and grew so much. I had the privilege to be surrounded by people (colleagues, now-friends as well as drivers), who taught me something new every single day and I will be forever grateful for that.

4.5 Years of Uber Memories

Having witnessed that incredible growth and all the upsides and downsides that come with it, makes leaving the Uber family one of the hardest decisions of my life. When you’re so passionate about a mission and the people, it feels like ending a long, passionate relationship. One that included the highest of highs, big success, endless love — but also nerve-wrecking fights and moments of doubt and despair. Not gonna lie about that. A feeling probably everyone can relate to, who truly identifies with the job and company they are working for.

Looking back, I feel proud and happy because of everything we achieved in the past years and I know Uber is on the right track. I know that this is the right moment for me to move on and I was lucky enough to meet some people with a bold new idea and the courage to turn that idea into reality. I’ll be joining a blockchain project and work on tokenizing real estate assets.

Somewhere along the way, I will also have to learn everything about Crypto and Blockchain. Because similar to my start at Uber 4.5 years ago — I have no idea what I’m doing. :) But I know I will find out and I have some incredibly talented people around me, who will help me to do that. I’m so excited for everything that lies ahead! #TheJoyOfTheUnknown

Grazie mille to everyone at Uber, who helped me to get where I am today — you know who you are. Special shout out to the strong, ambitious and talented women of Uber — Maria, Siroon, Isabell, Julana and many others — who always stand up for what is right and showed me how to fight for myself and others. Uber family will always be Uber family.

Props to you if you made it to the end of this long good-bye note. I’ve never been one to keep it short. ;)




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Sarah Jordi

Sarah Jordi

Supporting companies and projects with all things comms & marketing.

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